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, 03 2022
Power transformers manufacturer
   «Energotransbud» Ltd is the Official Representative of power transformer manufacturer «Ukrelectroaparat», which is one of the leading enterprises of power transformer building in Ukraine and countries of CIS. The basic specialization of the enterprise is transformer manufacturing of power from 25 to 4000kVA for voltage class 6; 10; 15; 20; 27,5; 35kV. There are also being produced as power oil transormers, as dry. Production capacity of our manufacture is 1200 power transformers per month.

   For more than 20 years «Energotransbud» is being collaborated with «Ukrelectroaparat ». Constructor team of «Energotransbud» and «Ukrelectroaparat» jointly created more than 25 new production items. They are power transformers and transformer substations for voltage of 27,5kV and 35 kV, block-module complex transformer substations (CTS). «Energotransbud» Ltd takes active part in transformer and CTS supply for National Railway Roads of Ukraine, takes part in social housing building programms, and also building of the biggest trading hypermarkets «Epicentre», «New Line» and other logistic and warehouse objects.

   During last year «Energotransbud» Ltd produced and realised more than 600 power transformers of different power, more than 180 transformator substations of power from 25 to 2500kVA and lots of other equipment. All of the production is sertificated by the system of quality control ISO-9001:2000 and is being exported to 32 countries of the world. Among them there are Germany, Poland, Mongolia, Finland, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt.

   «Energotransbud» Ltd guarantees respectability, transparency and obligatoriness of partner relationships.

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